Tips for Google Adsense by Huma Shaikh

Tips for Google Adsense by Huma Shaikh

Hello Guys!!

Today I am going to discuss a common question “Google Adsense” usually people ask me. Every blogger wants to earn through blogging. There are a few ways to earn through blogging:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Event Marketing
  4. Service Marketing
  5. Product Selling

So these are few ways in my mind right now through that any blogger can earn. In this blog, I will only focus on Google Adsense.

How to Get Google AdSense Account Approved?

  • Buy a Custom Domain Name
  • Use Google apps to create domain specific email address.
  • Ensure you are using a responsive and user-friendly theme.
  • Establish a blog according to your interest and writing skills.
  • Ad pages like Contact, About Me, About Blog etc.
  • Only post quality content, Don’t copy data from Google or any other site.
  • Content must be unique and attractive.
  • Use Headings and images in articles.
  • Ensure you don’t use copyright images, here is a site from where you can get free images.
  • Write keyword base articles, it will help your site in Search Engine Optimization.
  • Get traffic from social sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Instagram, Tumbler etc.
  • Ensure your sidebar looks clean & professional.
  • Ensure that every page on the site has Articles on it.
  • Apply For Google Adsense.

How to Apply for Google Adsense?

  • Sign in to this site with your Google Account.
  • Then enter the confidential e.g. Website Address.
  • There must be a code, copy that code in Header Tag of your site.
  • Then apply for Google AdSense.
  • You will get a mail in your Gmail account.

Tips for Google Adsense by Huma Shaikh

Google AdSense Ban or Suspension:

Every time, people get suspended or even completely banned from the program. There are so many reasons why this happens and for a fact AdSense even states this on their website. The specific reasons are not known. It’s been left to Google’s own discretion to rule on such matters.

According to the program’s team, if you click on the ads on your website or even if they suspect any fraudulent activity on your site, the penalty is a ban or suspension from the network. This is what is publicly known.

Remember, advertisers pay for the clicks and AdSense takes that very seriously. They monitor all the Ads activities especially newly approved sites.

NOTE: If you are suspended it may take up to several weeks to re-apply and be accepted back. However, if you get banned, you will never be accepted back into the program anymore.

Be Smart with your Ads:

Finally, be smart about how you handle your Adsense code.  Only put it on sites that meet the Google Adsense guidelines here.  Don’t click your own ads and NEVER ask anyone else to ever click your own ads!  This will get your account shut down.

Overall, stay in compliance with Google and enjoy the deposits coming to your account each month.

Are there any GOOGLE ADSENSE alternatives?

There are a number of Adsense alternatives.  When you have regular site visitors, I would extremely advocate you look into some kind of media accomplice that companions with Google to handle your advertisements.  There is a selection of those firms on the market proper now – particularly AdThrive (requires 100ok pageviews), Media Vine (requires 50ok web page views) or Ezoic.  These firms work with Google and different promoting companions to promote advert house on your websites.  They normally pay out by RPM (per 1000 visits) and find yourself paying extra on a month-to-month foundation then Adsense.  The drawback is that you simply want site visitors to use.

Top AdSense Earners:

Need proof of Google AdSense earnings? Well, look no further.  The top Google AdSense earners get high traffic, conversion rate … etc. To make money with AdSense, you need hard-work and patience. See some of the highest Google AdSense earners list.

And that’s how to make money with Google AdSense. Good luck on your journey and it is our hope that you make it through. Thanks for your visit. Cheers!


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